Double tube extrusion line

UPVC double pipe production line

1. Features of UPVC double pipe extrusion line:

The products produced by the UPVC double-pipe extrusion production line are mainly used in construction threading pipes, electrical pipes, etc. The first-class quality has been integrated into many years of experience. The main machine adopts a conical twin-screw extruder to improve the mixing effect and the extrusion pressure is high. Double tube extrusion die. High production efficiency and stable molding. Using double-tube vacuum sizing technology, spray cooling to ensure the quality of the tube. Independent control of the overall structure of the double-tube pulling mechanism and synchronous cutting device. The equipment is compact and occupies a small area.

2. Main technical parameters:

model SJSZ51/105
Applicable raw materials pvc
Extruder Model SJSZ51/105
Diameter range mm 16-50
Motor Power 22kw
Maximum extrusion volume 120kg/h
Production speedm/min 3-10