PE carbon spiral reinforced pipe production line

PE carbon spiral reinforced pipe production line

1. Features of the production line

Equipped with a special single-screw extruder for polyolefin, which has the characteristics of high-speed extrusion, high-speed acceleration, etc.; specially designed sizing cooling method: production range 50-200mm; the best design for low melting temperature, the internal stress of the pipe is small, and the internal and external Smooth surface; high flexibility, suitable for co-extrusion of all polyolefin materials, can extrude two-layer, three-layer spiral reinforced pipes with different specifications; the inlet end of the optimized copper spiral sizing sleeve has a pre-cooling device And strong suction and vacuum device, suitable for high-speed extrusion of the pipe; longitudinal movement motor adjustment, three-dimensional adjustment can be achieved up, down, left and right; high-efficiency water pump and special sprinkler head bring efficient spray cooling.

2. Features of PE carbon tube:

The PE carbon tube product has a special thread shape, which can be bent freely to bypass obstacles, which is convenient for construction. The length of a single PE carbon tube is determined by the user at will, so as to reduce the number of connection ports, which can make construction fast, easy to maintain,
light in weight, easy to handle and reduce labor intensity; the special thread-like physical shape of high-strength products makes their compressive strength Large, it will not be deformed by heavy pressure in the ground; Corrosion-resistant products have excellent acid, salt and alkali resistance, and have a long service life. PE carbon tube; low construction cost.

3. Technical parameters


extruder SJ-90/30B SJ-65/30B
nose ф50-200mm ф50-125mm
Sizing sink SGZL-200 SGZL-125
tractor SLQ-200 SLQ-200
Winding machine SQ-200 SQ-200