PP-R, PP, PE single or multilayer water supply pipe production line

PPR, PP, PE Single Layer or Multi-layer Pipe Co-extrusion Production Line

1. PP-R, PP, PE single-layer or multi-layer water supply pipe features:

In current construction and installation projects, PE, PP, PPR pipes (pieces) are mostly used for heating and water supply. Its advantages are convenient and quick installation, economical, environmentally friendly, light weight, hygienic and non-toxic, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation performance, long life and so on.

2. About the production line:

The extruder is controlled by PLC or temperature control instrument, the temperature control is accurate, and the plasticizing quality is effectively guaranteed; the special screw design ensures high efficiency and high output; the helical gear design with high hardness and low noise brings reliable and stable extrusion performance and long service life.

The diverter of the pipe die adopts spiral distribution type or blue type diverter. The large flow space ensures sufficient residence time of the melt; the internal stress in the pipe is small, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth; the die design has high flexibility and is suitable for co-extrusion of all polyolefin materials (two-layer, three-layer, four-layer) forming. The multi-layer pipe is a newly developed equipment of our company in recent years, such as the three-layer pipe, the inner and outer layers are pure raw materials, and the middle layer is recycled plastic and glass fiber material, which effectively improves the toughness and strength of the pipe and reduces the product production cost.

3. Technical parameters:

Pipe unit model SJG315 SJG-450 SJG-630 SJG-800 SJG-1200
Pipe range
90-315MM 110-450 250-630 400-800 630-1200
extruder SJ100 SJ90/75 SJ120 SJ100/75 SJ120 SJ120/90 SJ150 SJ120/100 SJ165 SJ150/120
Production capacity
200-400 250-450 250-450 300-500 300-500 400-600 600-1000 600-1100 600-1200 800-1300
Total installed power
200 250 250 300 300 350 400 450 500 600