HDPE Large Diameter Water Supply Gas Pipe Production Line

HDPE Large Diameter Water Supply Gas Pipe Production Line

1. Equipment performance and advantages:
The HDPE/MDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe production line developed by our company has unique structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation, stable and reliable continuous production.
Composition: The production line consists of a control system, an extruder, a die head, a shaping cooling system, a tractor, a planetary cutting device and a turning frame.
Die and auxiliary machine: The machine head adopts the newly designed basket head or the spiral split-flow extrusion tube compound head, which has the characteristics of easy adjustment and uniform discharge. The sizing sleeve adopts a unique grooving process and water ring cooling to ensure The forming accuracy of the pipe. It adopts the control system composed of advanced PLC and color large-screen liquid crystal display screen. It has a perfect alarm system and a good Chinese man-machine interface, and the operation is very convenient.

2. Extruder technical parameters

Production line model Pipe specification mm extruder Maximum output (kg/h) Total installed power (KW) Production line length (m)
PE-32 Φ4-32 SJ-45/30 30-120 45 28
PE-63 Φ20-63 SJ-60/33 120-220 100 36
PE-110 Φ20-110 SJ-65/33 150-250 120 39
PE-160 Φ63-160 SJ-65/33 120-270 150 43
PE-250 Φ75-250 SJ-75/33 280-400 230 45
PE-450 Φ110-450 SJ-90/33 450-600 350 65
PE-630 Φ315-630 SJ-120/33 700-950 550 75
PE-800 Φ400-800 SJ-150/33 800-1200 700 75

Tractor technical parameters

model QY250/3 QY315/3 QY400/4 QY630/6 QY800/6
Traction diameter range Φ75-Φ200 Φ250-Φ315 Φ280-Φ400 Φ355-Φ630 Φ560-Φ800
Number of tracks 3 4 4 6 6
Traction effective length 1340 1340 1800 1800 1800
Driving power (KW) 3 4 5.5 7.5 7.5

3. Features and applications of HDPE gas water supply pipes:

The pipeline produced by this production line has moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and good thermal welding performance, and has become a common product for urban gas transmission pipelines and outdoor water supply pipes.